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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Future City

We are going to have dynamic houses, not dynamic in the way you are used to think dynamic houses.

To understand the concept, think that you do not own a house, instead, you own a location, and a configuration amount. The configuration amount + your imagination is the only limit, when you want a house, you comuninicate to your configuration, that it must manifest a given house. If you have more need of a garden, a swimming pool and/or something else, you communicate the wish to your configuration and it obeys.

The idea is now introduced, you might be thinking; crazy idea, how is this possible. it is simple. you own millions of nano robots, which can attach to each other to form inanimate objets at least.
I estimate this is possible in 10-50 years from now.

But I am not sure how we can preserve nature in such a city. ofcourse there could simply be spots of nature enviroment, and small capsules and perhaps a tunneling system where the configarable robots lives, in this way the configuration can manifest where it is needed... and live in harmony with nature.


gr8explorer said...

I must appreciate your WILD imagination...of building houses with nano-robots..

and also indicating the need to preserve the nature!

anyways keep blogging..

Pradeep....from India

Anonymous said...

it sounds interesting..... does any teacher at AAU gave u the crazy idea hehehe......
aggelo... from peru