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Thursday, April 16, 2009

SSD benchmarks using HD tune pro

Here are some benchmarks of TWO SSD and my harddrive
  1. Maxtor_6V300F0 - My Maxtor 300GB HD, a refurbished replacement for a 250GB broken Maxtor drive I bought because it was lownoise.
  2. OCZ_SOLID_SSD - One of my companies OCZ solid harddrives i put to the test, ~64GB
  3. TS64GSSD25S-M - My Transcend 2.5" Solid State Disk, ~64 GB, bought for testing SSD drives, this was/is the cheapest drive avaliable.
First lets look at the access times:

The Transcend and OCZ both have very fast access times, The Transcend is a bit faster than the OCZ, but nothing to talk about. Both SSD's beat the crap out of the HD, as expected...

Then a raw Read benchmark that excesizes along the geometry, I would like to have made a read also, but this is not really possible, since HD-Tune requres a unpartitoned drive for this, but the Transcend is my main drive and the Maxtor my storage...

Once again the SSD drives shiness, The Transcend is a bit faster than OCZ again.

Finaly lets look at the file benchmark.

This seems more nuanced, The following graphs summarizes the finding cross disk better...

Notice that for small files, the HD is actually faster than both SSD's both in writing and reading. For writing the Transcens is actually the slowest no matter what. While for reading it is the clear winner. The OCZ is almost as fast as the HD in writing, and gives much faster read speed. Hard to decide which one is best... What do you think?

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Christian said...

After several weeks of usage, my innitial happines of SSD's have greatly decreased, the seems to have very variating perfoamnce, and especialy during heave load, read and write mixes, the performance drops drasticaly. Toms hardware have writting an article that document exactly this.