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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Energy waste

I have just bought a energy measurement thingy (picture) to measure how much energy different stuff at my home uses... and the first thing I would like to measure was how much my new via epiaEX1000 used.

Happily inserting the device between the socket and my epia, I almost recieved a hard-attack. My old power supply (soon to be replaced) uses a whooping 18W when the computer is turned off !!!!!!!!!

What the hell is this shit, it cannot be true, ok I looked in the manual for the measurement device, and it states that there is one can expect an error on 10-15%, espicially below 60W, still, assuming it is 15% to much it is showing I still waste at least 15W every single minute.

Just thinking, should I now conclude that I have to use the machine all the time to reduce the energy waste ;)

Note: The crappy power supply is a Chieftec HPC-360-202.

//TODO - add a list showing power consumption from my computers given different workload, suggestion are welcome for what I should try

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